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The site is dedicated to the Haresnape family who now live in many countries around the world, but have their early origins in the North West of England.

This site has the special benefit of containing the major parts of the book "Haresnape a family history" by Ken Warhurst and Robert Haresnape. The book (and this site) presents raw data but also tries to explain the reasons why family individuals took their particular life paths by providing a generalised historical background.


The domain hopes to continue to gather information and to build on the content of this fascinating book.

This site belongs to all Haresnapes throughout the world, it hopes to grow as the family contribute more and more information about both our ancestors and those Haresnapes alive today.

Any background history, pictures, indeed  information of any kind is welcome and can be placed here on the site or deposited with Robert who currently maintains the records about the Haresnape family. 

Although the site has existed for some years now, new information turns up from unexpected places.



We learned that a man named William Hearsnep (from Lancashire) had emigrated to Ontario, Canada, way back in the 1830s from England. Descendants of William Hearsnep have produced various websites which provide details of the family lines ensuing from his marriage in Canada. 


We have recently been given some information which may suggest a link of some Hearsneps to the main  family tree. (thanks to Anne Porter and Veronica Oldham) - see book part 1, and section regarding "Hearsneps, Harsnips and Others".   The Hearsnep(click here) file in the main text has been updated.



These are for contributions made after the publication of the book.

The contributors to the book itself are shown in Part 1.


Thanks to Steve Poole for recent comments on 19th century Hairsnapes. This information is being added to by Steve (Aug 2010) as he follows his own family routes.

Thanks to Pat Baker for updates on the Canadian family line of Edward Haresnape, born in Sedbergh, England in 1881.

Thanks to Allan Whitford for updates on John Richard Haresnape, father of Edward above.

Thanks to Barbara Starr and her sister Anita Fair, both of the USA, for important additions to the information regarding Thomas Haresnape who emigrated to America in 1868.

Thanks to John and Peter Hairsnape for new information regarding their own Hairsnape lineage.

Thanks to Jacquie and Dave Grisedale for new information regarding their lineage from Anne Haresnape(1900), born 1835. Also thanks for some other useful data.

Thanks to John Armer for photos of Haresnape`s Farm as a single story thatched building.

Thanks to Val Silburn of Australia for new data regarding Ann Lee, wife of  Thomas Haresnape born 1819.

Thanks to Steve Whitwam for data regarding Minnie Leech, wife of Thomas Edward Haresnape, born Sedbergh 1881.

Thanks to Robert van Bentum of the Netherlands for new data regarding  the marriage and descendants of Isobella Haresnape, born 1817 Staveley, Westmoreland. Robert has recently (Sep. 2010) provided a large quantity of data. Thanks once again Robert for all of your work.

Thanks to Audrey Ashby for additions to the data on Annie Haresnape, (1819) born Brampton, Derbyshire 1857.

Thanks to the "Westmoreland Gazette" for permission to include the newspaper article from 1911 on the memories of Richard (1822).

Thanks to Veronica Oldham for continuing assistance with the family history of the Hearsneps.

Thanks to Kate Hurst for continuing assistance on the Harsneps/Hearsneps and their parish records of St.Anne in Ormskirk.

Thanks to Norman Halstead of New Zealand for update on Haresnapes and Duckworths in 19th century Blackburn.

Thanks to Mavis Long for information on James Lamb who married Elizabeth Haresnape at Cockerham in 1715.

Thanks to Mike Hudson for information regarding Susannah White Edgecombe who married William Haresnape (born 1812) in 1839.

Thanks to Graham Bennett of Australia for additions to the data on the Haresnape ancestry for South Africa.

Thanks to Jacqueline Senior and also to Simon Gray for new data regarding the Haresnape family in the Thurnham area of Lancashire in the 17th and 18th centuries.  

Thanks to Christine Bodell for her work in providing some much needed clarity regarding George Haresnape (a sea captain in 18th century).

Thanks to Toni Reid of New Zealand for some additional knowledge of the Haresnape ancestry in New Zealand.

Thanks to Barry Thomas for additions to the data for the Liverpool branch of the family.

Thanks to Steve Shepherd for corrections to the data for the marriage of George Haresnape (1660) born 1851. Also for providing additional information.

Thanks to Simon Hairsnape who provided some results from a DNA sample he submitted to a Family History company.


Ken Warhurst died in 2007. The readers might like to reflect on how many hours of research work were carried out by Ken to benefit his many Haresnape relations. All of the work was done without the current benefits of the Internet. We all owe him much gratitude for this.

Future research

If you wish to make comments on the book, or you feel anything is incorrect, or wish to query an entry, please email Ged or Robert as above. 



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